Amarama Vercnocke

I am, and have always been, an eclectic artist in mediums used and with hand taught techniques.  This is due to the fact that changes in my life have been the only constant healing chaos that I can depend on.  It is the journey of getting there that is as equally fulfilling for me just as much as the end result.  

Life is always ever changing for us all and I enjoy showing that in my art when I can.   With colors and textures I seek to give my audience experiences on a level of touch as well as the visual.  Especially so with touch since we are so often taught to “keep our hands to ourselves”.  Well I intend to break that cycle in exhibits with my various fiber arts and textiles for those who are sensory seeking.  .  

I have enjoyed working with stain glass, acrylic paintings, oil pastels, woodworking, acid etching, soap stone carving, and water colors.  These days my main focus is that of fiber arts with original felting methods involving needle felting wool.  My self coined term of ‘wool sculpting’ for the techniques I came up with since 2008, when I started my art business AmaramA ART,.  It  has been a joy to evolve with artistically  and I hope to explore it more on a larger scale someday.