Beth Sievers 

Beth Sievers enjoys creating encaustic art because of its many applications. Three dimensional

works, finely-detailed pictures, and collages are all possible with encaustic medium which is

made by mixing beeswax, colored pigment, and damar tree resin.

The art of encaustic painting was originated by the ancient Greeks who applied encaustics to

their wooden ships to waterproof and decorate them. Beth is inspired by the historic and

functional origin of this art form. While this history inspires her, she is also inspired when she

sees or hears other artists' creations. She is also inspired by the flowers, plants, and trees in her


Beth loves creating extremely textured pieces and uses salvaged wood and found objects. She

has been creating in the encaustic medium for the last six years, and in addition to Gallery 24,

she has sold her works in Rochester businesses like Dwell Local and A Beautiful Soul. She also

participates in arts festivals.


Blossom  Encaustic on wood


Encaustic on wood

Incognito  Encaustic on wood


Encaustic on wood

Abstract   Encaustic on wood


Encaustic on wood