Carley McHenry

Born and raised in Rochester, MN, attendedUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI for an undergraduate degree in Studio Art. Came back to the Rochester area after college to grow as an independent artist, and to see where life takes her. 

"Life starts from humble beginnings, whether from a seed or from microscopic organisms, life forms against impossible odds. My artistic inspiration comes from an ever-growing fascination with the biology and psychology of living beings.
Within the subject of biology of living things I am most intrigued by the inner anatomy that makes life possible, specifically in human beings. As humans we don’t need to work to become a living-breathing organism. Nature provides all the answers, and almost without fail creates a perfectly functioning being.
With anatomy and biology as my original inspiration, my works often grow and diverge from the original path. Like any living being my work goes through a journey, a life cycle, sometimes I don’t even know where it is going until we arrive at the destination. What is communicated within my work is intentionally ambiguous or slightly ‘off’. I want to let the viewer determine meaning based on their own knowledge and experiences. Ultimately I want to bring to light subjects and ideas that are overlooked or rarely considered. I aim to convey visual narratives that are filled with mystery and possibility."
Push Me Pull You

Push Me Pull You