Chris Nibbe

As an Architectural Designer for 25 years, Chris often explores the balance between aesthetics and function in our environment. He applies that same exploration in making his unique hand tied brooms.


Chris has always wondered how things were done. Growing up in a family who would do amazing things with ancient tools, both for hobby and historical demonstrations, he often got to see how things were done before modern technology took over.

Chris finally learned how to make brooms himself the summer of 2013. A simple Appalachian wing broom by hand and a house broom on a winder, both on equipment either made or restored by an uncle and great grandfather. In 2015 hand tied brooms became a full time creative hobby.

Chris’ brooms became more elaborate and varied with the addition of hand split and shaped wood handles, upcycled handles, weaving, and home dyed fibers. The title of artist never crossed his mind until a few people told him he was one, weather he liked it or not, in the summer of 2016.

Chris is already an award winning broom maker who loves collaborating with other artists. He doesn’t hesitate in sharing his knowledge with new broom makers in order to keep this art form from dying. He is also the co-founder of Rochester’s Hiding Artists Tour that debuted in 2017.

When you talk to Chris, ask him about chance encounters with strangers. They are what have swept him into the local art scene! 

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