Christie Nicklay

I’ve been creating art in some form all of my life. As a child, I carved birds out of clumps of dirt found in the fields, created finger paintings of mud on the concrete outside my father’s dairy barn, and I used my crayons to blend the colors instead of just staying inside the lines. Through the years, my “tools” have evolved and my desire to make art has grown into a much deeper understanding of the elements and colors in life. I’m inspired by the life around me. For me, painting and drawing creates a special relationship between my creativity and my surroundings. The combined senses associated with what’s around me captures movement, light, atmosphere and an inkling of a story waiting to be told. I become lost in the process as I work to meld the colors on my canvas or paper into the vision I hold inside my head. Creating a new piece brings me some peace in a chaotic world.

My artworks are a visual journal of the things that have caught my attention and made me stop in admiration of their beauty. My goal is to capture that beauty, to enjoy it again and again, and to share it with others who also appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

My artistic process relies heavily on observation. Sometimes I trust my eyes to tell me what to put on the canvas or paper, how to draw and paint it, what is important, and what is not. I also rely on my camera to freeze a moment to remind me of what caught my attention at that moment.

My artwork is realistic and promising, reflecting a sense of contentment and appreciation for the breathtaking life that surrounds me. If just one person feels the same sense peacefulness from my artwork as I do, then I’ve successfully met my goal.