Jessica Graham

I currently reside in Rochester, MN, where I was born and raised. In 1999 I graduated from Minneapolis Collage of Art and Design with a sculpture and painting emphasis. After that I made the twin cities my home for the next 22 years. I have taught early education thru 6 grade art. Showing in mostly alternative spaces such as restaurants, nursing homes, and outdoor venues.

I make art because it is a language I understand. I am inspired by color, buildings, patterns, nature, movement, music, and everyday objects. My experiences as an artist are a visual mapping through landscapes, architecture, body, and mind. I find that I enjoy working 3 or more pieces at a time, often dancing between the space moving through the mark or color. I choose to oil paint primarily on paper, it is part of my process. My sculptures are typically mixed medium of found objects often collaged together. I am interested environmental art, installation, interactive, and almost anything I can alter.