Monika Gloviczki

Painting is for me the essence of my life, an unexplainable necessity to express something that I feel or imagine. It is like a journey to the deeper layers of me, under the everyday banalities, silent music played by colors. I had a wonderful experience in many years of medical research, but my art genes have always been present, and whenever I could I grabbed a pencil or a brush. Even during professional trips I used to communicate with my family sending by fax drawings so they could know my emotions and my world.

I’m often inspired by an image and a vision of a painting, but this vision evolves while I’m working on it, as if pushed by independent existence. And there is no greater pleasure than to achieve a subtle harmony of colors and forms. My journey was not simple: from Poland to France, and finally to the United States, where I could fulfill my dream to become an accomplished artist. I feel blessed by this gift of creativity and by the opportunity to follow the artistic path of my father. I hope that through my paintings I share with you some of my joy and happiness.

Superdome 2018 Oil 12x16.JPG
Kings of Fools 2018 Acrylic 18x18.JPG
Circus 2018 Oil 11x14.jpg