Nicole Daniels

Beginning in early childhood I had various times in my life, when I had everything taken from me, except my imagination and creative spark. I used that creativity to heal and grow and become a better person. Through the years I experimented with various mediums, enjoying painting with acrylics and watercolor, drawing with colored pencils and creative writing. But my passion for 20+ years has been jewelry design.

It has been my life experiences, along with nature, where I find my spirit, which defines the jewelry I make today. Swarovski crystals reflect an inner light. Freshwater pearls are a reminder to “go with the flow”. And semi-precious stones, each with their own unique feel, can be grounding, and used to dig deep from within. My color choices come from nature, which to me are the most beautiful, and they come alive in my designs.

My goal has never been to just make a pretty piece of jewelry, but to make an artistic statement, by putting a part of myself into each of my one-of-a-kind designs. My mission is to inspire people through my jewelry, by using stones with specific healing qualities, and by using words and symbols that have meaning to those who wear them. And soon I will be able to reach more people, through a website with my new business name and logo. I am grateful to say that I am now in a place to be able to turn my passion into my business, and I am excited to see what the future holds ~

You can see more of my jewelry at Crossings in Zumbrota and Dwell Local in Rochester.