Rick Swanson

My interest in photography reaches back to the summer of 1974, when I took a summer school class in my school district and first held a 35mm camera in my hands. My teacher was tuned in to the Watergate hearings, but I was tuned in to the wonders of black and white film. Not until 1979 did I acquire my own 35mm - an Olympus OM-1n, which I still have and occasionally use. My first interests were landscapes, architecture, and patterns and colors found in nature. I would say those same interests hold to this day.

Although I primarily shoot digital images now, I’m preparing an exhibition for August, 2019, featuring black-and-white images shot on film. The interesting part of this project is that I develop the film with coffee. “Light Chasers: An Intersection of Science and Art” will present these coffee-developed images, and explore the ways in which scientists and photographers alike pursue light.

With my wife (and fellow Gallery 24 member), Janet, I operate Fox and Swan Arts. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and at our website foxswanarts.com.