Tamsin Barlow

Tamsin Barlow grew up on the Left Coast of America, spending her years teaching science, doing pharmacology research, teaching fitness classes, graphic design, and rearing children. Being an artist has always been her goal, but for years she only had the time for intense doodling sessions during meetings. Being a mother of children interested in theater brought her backstage where someone thrust a paintbrush in her hands and asked, “Think you can make that wall look like it was made of rocks?” Rock walls led to trees, to the Hundred-Acre Woods, to castles and jungles. Time at the theater led to increasing confidence and finally when the babies were launched and off to college, she pursued art full-time.

Her primary interests are oil painting landscapes, and linoleum block printing. She has been in two recent shows at the Rochester Art Center (Locavore and Homegrown), a gallery artist at SEMVA (South Eastern Minnesota Visual Artists), a member of Oil Painters of Minnesota, has shown at Crossings (100 Under 100, Poetry and Painting, and a featured show December 2017 with Allison McClocklin).

She lives by this Chuck Close quote: “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work

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